Hello, mother,grandmother,father,grandfather or a dear one of the one who made you read this...!


                        This initiation itself has got a small story behind it. Be patient to read this. Because this is not a story of our success but it gonna be yours when starting with your new companion----the BABY During my days of expectation I asked for the advice of my grandmother about the very first requirement of my baby. "Breast Milk" she giggled,uniquely. Holding her hands, I pretended, "Pleaase....". She did the same and started sleeping. With a huff, leaving her I just started surfing among friends, and as somebody told, I managed to get some diapers, dresses and towels, which I believed is sufficient to welcome my little one. It is on the day I started leaving to the hospital my old ally came out with a basket in her hand. Gifting me the same she told " simply pouring out words would never serve as an advice , here is my advice."

                        Not only she but the items in the basket also made me startled. I am forced to forget the bag I have packed for the baby which I felt contain only immature items. The basket gifted by my grandmother made me feel safe and unique. The moment I left the hospital, I decided to market, not the basket but the safety in it. Truly, I have packed everything in the basket with full confidence of safety and comfort. Just try to feel how the goodness of heredity protect your child from almost all irritations in the early days.